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Window Security Film
There are many ways to protect your home or business from all sorts of threats.  One area of your location that is extremely vulnerable is your windows. 

You will find that many homes and businesses have locks on doors that have windows directly next to the lock.  All someone would need to do is break or cut a hole in the window, reach in and unlock the door.  Once the door is open they are free to do as they wish.  The same thing is true with most ground floor windows.  Just break them, unlock them and crawl through.

To prevent access and protect windows, security film is what you need.  Security film bonds the window together so when damaged, the pieces stay connected to the piece next to it.  This will result in a very tough window to get a hole into.  It would take a very long time for someone to break through a window protected by security film and they likely would leave long before they ever entered your location.  Add an alarm with glass break sensors and the police would likely be there before the window was ever entered.

Do you have double cylinder deadbolts?  If your house catches fire, how do you plan to open the door?  Will you need to look for a key just to get out?  Window security film solves this problem by eliminating the need for the double cylinder deadbolt. 

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