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Stun Guns

Shearer Lock, Safe & Security is your Central Pennsylvania stun gun dealer located on Derry Street in Harrisburg.  We have a variety of different stun guns to meet your personal security needs.  From low power mini stun guns to 4.5 million volt rechargeable stun guns, we have one that will work for you.  Stop by our showroom or Contact Us Here for more information.

How They Work

Stun guns utilize very low amperage (less than 10 milliamp) and usually very high voltage (more than 50,000 volts) to incapacitate an attacker.  Many people think voltage kills people, it does not.  It is the amperage that is lethal and as little as one amp can easily kill a person.  There has been no documented cases of a death from a stun gun shock (stun guns are NOT Tasers).  Stun guns are non-leathal and do no permanent damage.

When an individual is shocked by a stun gun it directly effects the nervous system.  The power from the stun gun dumps energy into the today's muscles at a high pulse frequency which causes the muscles to work very quickly and at the same time very inefficiently.  This quick action of the muscles depletes the body's blood sugar by converting it into lactic acid for a short time.  When this happens the lack of energy makes it difficult for the body to function properly.  While the body experiences this "lack of energy" tiny neurological impulses traveling throughout the body the normally direct muscle movement are interrupted which causes loss of balance and confusion for several minutes.  This whole process causes no permanent damage and gives you the time you need to get away.


How To Use Stun Guns

When using a stun gun there are two things that control how the stun gun effects an attacker.  First is the voltage, second is the amount of time the stun gun is in contact with the body.


Stun guns do NOT shoot anything out of them, Tasers do.  When using a stun gun you must be able to touch a person in order for it to shock them.

1/2 second - 1 second
This will startle most people causing some pain and muscle contraction.

1 second - 2 seconds

 This will result in muscle spasms and a dazed mental state

3 seconds or more

This will result in loss of muscle control and balance, disorientation and confusion.

The effects of a stun gun are different for every person.  The same amount of time may have a different effect on a different individual.  It is possible that it would take longer than 3 seconds to cause the effects listed above.


Please note:
You will NOT be shocked if you are in contact with a person while you shock them regardless if you are both standing in water.

If at all possible you should attempt to contact the torso or neck of an attacker.  Areas such as the abdomen and neck are ideal and will likely result in the fastest reactions.

Stun Master Multi-Function 4.5 Million Volt Stun Gun

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Pennsylvania Stun Gun Laws
Stun guns are legal in most of Pennsylvania.  You must be 18 to purchase or use a stun gun. The only large city with ordinance against stun guns at the time of this writing is Philadelphia.  In Philadelphia stun guns are illegal to own or carry.  It is always a good idea to contact your local police station and see if there are any laws regarding the use or ownership of stun guns in your area prior to purchasing.