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Safe & Vault Repair

Can a safe be fixed?
In most cases a safe can be repaired and put back into use.  Sometimes parts may need to be ordered and even machined to get a safe working properly again and sometimes a quick adjustment is all that is needed for your safe to be working like it is brand new.  Many times owners of safes fail to have their safe serviced and a part can fail or freeze resulting in a lockout.  A lockout on a safe may need to be opened by drilling the safe so proper servicing is suggest every 1-2 years for heavy use and once every 5 years for very light users.


How much does it cost?

Safe repairs are on a time and material basis.  Parts for many safes are available and can be ordered in a day or two.  We charge an initial service call plus an hourly rate for repairs.  Contact us to get an idea of the charges for this type of service.


What can be fixed?
We have repaired everything from modern high security bank vaults to antique safes as old as the early 1800's.  We will happily provide you with a quote on getting your safe back up and into operation.

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