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Safe & Vault Drilling

Shearer Locksmith has opened many thousands of safes over the years and many of them have been drilled.  We utilize the most advanced equipment to open your safe in the most efficient manner possible.  If we drill your safe, it can be repaired and put back into use many times the same day it was drilled.  Don't want to have it drilled?  We don't always have to drill your safe to open it, we also manipulate many safes open without resorting to drilling.  Sometimes a safe will need to be drilled due to a malfunction in the bolts or lock and possibly for other reasons.  We always resort to the lest destructive form of opening possible for you individual situation.

What safes can we open?

From small fire safes to bank vault doors, we can help you get your safe or vault open an back in operation again asap.  If it has a lock, we can help.  Shearer Locksmith has Certified Locksmiths and even one of the areas only Certified Master Safecrackers on staff to assure your safe is opened in a professional manner. 

Hire a trained professional!
We have seen many instances over the years of safes being opened by amateurs and even some locksmiths with little or no safe training, resulting in a useless safe with large holes in them or with the door looking like Swiss cheese from all the holes.  This can render a safe useless and can be very costly for you.  A professional safeman can open a safe usually with one small hole (1/4 to 5/8 hole) in a nonconspicuous place that can be easily repaired. When an untrained person attempts to open a safe, it many times makes it harder for us and more expensive for you in the end.

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