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High Tech Security


Security changes every day and more and more advanced devices are coming on the market every day.  This page features some of the most advanced high tech security products available.  As new product emerge on the market we will update this page so please check back often.

Arrow Revolution Door Lock

The Arrow Revolution is one of the most advanced and cool door locks on the planet.  With the touch .of a hand the keypad lights up and the touch screen awaits further instruction.  Just enter your code and the lock opens allowing you access to the building.  The Revolution has a user friendly menu that includes voice assisted programming.  Find out more about the Arrow Revolution Here.




Video Cameras On Your Smart Phone

Got an Iphone, Android or other smart phone?  Shearer Security can now install a camera system in your home or business that will allow you to watch everything that goes on from your smart phone or any other internet connection anywhere in the world.  From single camera systems to advanced systems with hundreds of cameras, we have you covered.  Keep an eye on employees while working, your kids while at home alone or just check up on your home from now and then to be sure everything is OK.  Call us today at 717-564-2230 or Contact us Here for more information.



Biometric Safe Locks

Tired of turning that dial around and around to get your safe open?  With a new biometric safe lock installed by Shearer Locksmith all you will need is one finger.  With the touch of the keypad your finger will be scanned and a positive confirmation will be sent to the lock signaling for it to open.  Not the right finger?  The lock will scan the finger and deny access preventing the safe from opening.  There are several locks to choose from and all have false opening rates of less than .009 % making them nearly impossible to open without the correct finger.  Give us a call today at 717-564-2230 or Contact us Here for more information.




Taser C2 Self Defense Device

Protect yourself with the Taser C2.  The Taser C2 is the most advanced self defense devise available.  Taser states that it is more effective than a 9mm handgun when properly used.  If you need to keep yourself and your family safe, the Taser C2 is the best option.  Find out more about the Taser C2 Here.