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High Security Locks

Modern Lock Security
With the huge amount of information exchanged on the internet, your locks are not safe.  Information ranging from lock picking to lock bumping and other lock bypass techniques are scatter all over the internet.  The only way to protect yourself from simple attacks is by installing high security locks.

What Makes Them Secure?
There are many different type of high security locks on the market that utilize different technology to secure a cylinder.  Methods such as special sidebars, pick resistant pins and electronic cylinders are used to provide additional security.  Most high security locks also incorporate restricted keys and special keyways to greatly reduce the number of places that can even copy a key.  The high security locks we sell here at Shearer Locksmith are top of the line and are virtually pick and bump proof making them a great alternative to basic, less secure locks. 

Types Of High Security Locks
We carry several manufacturers of high security locks.  One of our most requested is our line of Medeco locks.  We are a Medeco Security Center and carry the most sophisticated and secure locks on the planet.  If Medeco is not what your looking for, we also carry ASSA and ABLOY high security locks and keys.  If you also would like your high security locks set up on a master key system, we can do that too.  Just let us know your requirements and we will custom tailor a system to meet your needs.

What Type of Locks Are Available?
High security locks can be incorporated into most lock hardware.  Some locks may need to be replaced and some may just need new cylinders.  We will provide new cylinders and locks to maximize security and minimize costs.  We have installed high security locks into padlocks, deadbolts, levers, knobs, commercial aluminum style door locks and many other places.  We can usually find a way to secure nearly any place a lock can be used.

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