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Electronic Safe & Vault Lock Upgrades

Many people find all the turns required to open a standard combination safe lock cumbersome.  The solution to this is simple, an electronic safe lock for your safe.  Nearly every safe can be upgraded to an electronic lock and many require little or no modifications.

Why upgrade my safe to an electronic lock?

The main reasons an electronic lock is used are:

1.  They make it very fast to open the safe

2.  The large buttons are easy to see and press

3.  You can change your own code anytime you want


How long does it take?

Many safes can be upgraded in an hour or less.  If you have a small safe that can be carried into our shop, you can just drop it off and pick it up totally upgraded later in the day.  You can also make an appointment and wait while we work.  If your safe is larger and it is not practical to bring it in, we can come to you and upgrade your safe to a new electronic lock on site.

How much does it cost?

For some safes it can cost as little as $200 to upgrade your lock to an electronic safe lock.  There are many types of safe and many types of locks so price would depend on your individual safe and the type of lock you want to have installed.  If you wanted to go top of the line you can even have a biometric fingerprint lock installed.

Give us a call now to upgrade your safe to an electronic lock at 717-564-2230 or 1-866-SHEARER.  You can also request more information online here.