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Safe & Vault Combination Changing & Lock Servicing

Servicing a Safe or Vault
Safe and vault need regular servicing to assure everything is working properly and continues to work properly.  If one small componant of a lock fails it can prevent a safe or vault from opening causing a lockout and you safe may even need to be drilled.  The best way to prevent this costly problem is to have your safe or vault serviced on a regular basis.  Safes and vaults that are used on a daily basis should be serviced every year.  If you use your safe less you can set up a 2 year or if rarely ever used you can even stretch it to an every 5 year service.

What is done when a safe or vault is serviced?

When serviced there are several things that will be checked for proper operation and also may be lubricated.  Proper service will also include a full inspection of all parts to assure that nothing is bending, cracking or breaking in any way.  Here are some things that are commony checked:
1.  The door is checked for level, plumb, sagging or rubbing.

2.  The hinges are lubricated and adjusted if necessary

3.  The handle is checked for proper operation and tightened & lubricatred if necessary.

4.  The boltwork on the inside of the safe or vault is inspected and lubricated if necessary.

5.  The relocker is inspected and lubricated if necessary.

6.  All screws, nuts and bolts are check and tightened if necessary.

7.  The lock is removed along with the dial and ring and the following is done:
 - Inspected for wear and cracks

 - Lock & dial is cleaned and lubricated

 - Lock tension is adjusted if necessary

 - Combination is reset and tested


If everything is done on a regular basis it should ensure you safe or vault will work properly for many, many years.

Safe & Vault Combination Changes

Changing the combination to a safe or vault requires a trained professional in most cases.  Nearly all combination locks have very specific steps and rules that need followed in order for the combination to be changed and set to numbers that will not cause the safe to go in to lockout or even lockopen condition.  We usually suggest having the safe or vault serviced while the combination is being changed as the cost is minimal if done while changing the combination.


We will change any safe or vault combination including electronic and mechanical locks.  Some locks allow the combination to be set to your requested numbers while others have a group of preset combinations programmed into the lock at the factory preventing code customization.

To have your safe or vault serviced or your combination changed give us a call today at 717-564-2230 or 1-866-SHEARER.  You can also request more information online here.