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Biometric Safe Locks (Fingerprint)

Tired of turning that dial around and around to get your safe open?  With a new biometric safe lock installed by Shearer Locksmith all you will need is one finger.  With the touch of the keypad your finger will be scanned and a positive confirmation will be sent to the lock signaling for it to open.  Not the right finger?  The lock will scan the finger and deny access preventing the safe from opening.  After several wrong tries the lock will go into a lockout mode for a period of time preventing someone from trying continuously for a long period of time.

 There are several locks to choose from and all have false opening rates of less than .009 % making them nearly impossible to open without the correct finger.


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To order the S&G Biometric Safe Lock & Keypad call Shearer Locksmith today at 717-564-2230 or 1-866-SHEARER.  You can also request more information online here.

The Sargent & Greenleaf Biometric Lock & Keypad

  • Top-mounted fingerprint reader is easy to use.
  • Silicon-based capacitive technology provides superior security and reliability.
  • Designed for quick, easy retrofit for many existing Sargent & Greenleaf electronic safe locks.
  • LCD simplifies programming and operation of the most sophisticated lock features.
  • Backlight feature makes the LCD highly readable, even in total darkness.
  • Up to nine different fingerprints can be enrolled.
  • Fingerprints can be quickly and easily enrolled or deleted from the keypad's database.
  • The keypad can be set up to operate on either a fingerprint or code, or it can be set up to require both a fingerprint and valid code.
  • The Biometric Keypad can be added to any 6120, 6123, or Z02 electronic safe lock.
  • Powered by (2) 9-volt batteries that are easily accessed via a slide-out battery compartment.
  • Brushed or bright chrome, bright brass, and 24-carat gold plated models available.