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Access Control Systems & Access Control Locks

What is an Access Control System?
An access control system is a way to restrict and monitor people entering doors through the use of computer programs and/or stand alone electronic door locks.  Access control systems can use keys, cards, fobs, keypads and even biometrics such as fingerprints, handprints and retinal identification.  Some of these systems have the capability to log who is entering and when.  Some systems can also restrict people to a specified time and if they attempt to enter outside of that time access will not be granted.

How It Works:

After the system is set up it can operate in several ways.  The most advanced systems will log everything and leave a detailed audit trail.  When someone attempts to gain access to a controlled door via their key, keypad, fingerprint or other entry method it interacts with the access control system and they are either allowed to enter or not allowed to enter.  If it is outside their time to have access the door will not open.  If they are allowed in their identity will be recorded and the time of day they entered. 


If at some point someone with access is no longer allowed access they can be simply removed from the system.  No need to retrieve keys or worry about them coming back.


What it costs:

There are many different types of access control systems and price is dependent on what type of system and how many doors.  In most cases the more features you want the more you will pay.  An access control system can be very affordable, but it is best to contact us to receive a free quote.  Please give us a call at 1-866-SHEARER or 717-564-2230.  You can also request more information online here.

If you are interested in an access control system. 
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You can also
request more information online here.